Consultations for Wellness With Jampa Stewart

Jampa Mackenzie Stewart takes the necessary time to get to know his patients and routine to help better understand issues a patient might be experiencing. See treatments below.

Chinese Herbal Medicine by Jampa Stewart

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the world's oldest recorded traditions of herbal medicine. Although indigenous people in all cultures worldwide have used herbal medicines continuously for thousands of years, the Chinese have Materia Medica texts listing individual herbs and combined herbal prescriptions for a wide range of disorders dating back thousands of years. Many of these prescriptions are in wide use today.

Chinese Nutrition by Jampa Stewart

There is an ancient saying in China: “Your food is your medicine; your medicine is your food.” Nutrition plays a vital role in your health and well-being. Chinese nutrition is based on a deep understanding of the energetic properties of foods, and on the effects and correlations of foods with the internal organs and other body systems. As a part of your health plan, you can receive a personalized dietary and nutritional plan based on traditional Chinese medical principles of healthy eating habits and needs.

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