Our Beginnings

Valley Spirit Cooperative

Our three unique businesses (Indigo Sky World, Right Brain Group, Healing Tao Institute) share a clear mission: to contribute to community by offering services, teachings and products that support healing and growth, while enhancing awareness, communication, good health, peace and consciousness.

We are an art co-op and wellness center and a gathering place for conversation and community. The three of us opted to “cooperate” with one another in a single space, bringing together visual and performance art (Kristin), design and graphic art (Lee), and healing and movement arts (Jampa) so that we might all benefit from one another’s strengths and learn from one another’s weaknesses.


The “all boats rise” mentality, which is often lacking in mainstream business, led the way.  We decided to open up the space to other practitioners and artists that shared our mission, uniting to meet common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations.


If we all carry a small piece of the larger nut, we increase our capacity to serve the community and one another’s businesses.

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