Byron Eddy

Massage • Aikido


Massage Services:

Swedish Massage
Traditional light to medium pressure using oil/lotion focusing on long strokes in the direction of the heart

Deep tissue Massage
Medium to deeper pressure focusing on specific problem areas and areas that may have an indirect effect.

Core Integration massage
An integrated approach to massage using many different techniques tailored to the client’s needs. Includes light to deep pressure massage, myo-facial unwinding, movement release through active awareness. Based on techniques and movement awareness lessons from Dellagrotte Core Integration (related to principles from M. Feldenkrais) and the understanding of Ki( Life force) flow in a relaxed body from Aikido.

Classes offered:

Core Movement Integration
A series of classes in movement awareness. They are part of a process of integrated movement lessons that help to bring us closer to our true nature, our DNA encoded movement. Using breathing, careful attention, and guided instruction we become more aware of counter intuitive movements, hard wired habits and begin to recognize how to change and improve. "Ah-ha" moments guaranteed!

Walking with Ease and Power
Take some time and watch people walk. There are so many different approaches to what should be a common path. Often it appears to be a struggle. Using principles of Core Movement Integration we begin the process of walking with awareness gaining an easier, more graceful gait. The result is improved health and conditioning using our bodies the way they were designed and a more powerful, quicker, easier stride!

Active Sitting or Sit Fit
Same as above but this time working toward improving your sitting habits. Get fit while you sit!

Other classes in the works
Ki Breathing( from Aikido), Aikido principles in daily life, Didgeridoo sound healing sessions.

Byron Eddy credentials:

• 5/24/18 Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy 1982-198
• Member of American Massage Therapy Association 1985- Present
• Licensed in the State of Connecticut Since 1989
• Josef Dellagraotte Core Movement Integration 1998- present
• Certified in 2008 Aikido 1979- Present
• Member of United States Aikido Federation
• Holder of Shidoin Certification
• Certified to teach Aikido by USAF : Present Rank Godan (5th degree black belt)
• Studying and performing Didgeridoo, Aboriginal Woodwind Instrument 1995- present
• Taught classes at New Morning Market for three years: Walking with Ease and Power, Active Sitting and Core Movement Integration


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