Lee M. Kancher

Co-Owner • Technical Guru • Branding • Graphic Design • Marketing

Right Brain Group LLC is owned and operated by Lee M. Kancher. He is a native of Philadelphia PA, where he resides with his lovely girlfriend and business partner, Jennifer Marie James and their eight animals. Lee started his career in the healing arts, training in shiatsu and acupressure at the Meridian Wellness Center in Oaks PA.

He later decided to pursue a career in art and design, attending Hussian School of Art and Design. After graduating, Lee built his company, Right Brain Group, from the ground up. In creating his own company, he discovered his passion: graphic arts meets healing arts. By combining his skills in graphic art, computer technology and energy work, Lee helps his clients build their brands, solidify their goals and reach their audience. His work integrates research, organization, sound business planning , quality computer programming and a cutting edge design aesthetics.