Megan Lutz

Yoga• Naturalist

Megan Lutz - 500 Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Goodwin Conservation Center Master Naturalist teaches Prana Flow Yoga. Prana Flow Yoga is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga through prana, the universal energy of life.

Megan's occupation as a yoga teacher and naturalist outdoor guide inspire her to integrate the natural world with the mindful practice of yoga. She believes the synthesis of nature and yoga deepens the students' present moment experience by engaging all their senses and intensifies their experience of prana (energy). Caroline Myss explains it best, "When we're outdoors a vibrational field merges with our own and enhances the quality or the flow of energy through our body." Various writers have participated in Megan's yoga and nature integration journeys and highlighted their experience in The New York Observer, Town and Country and the Daily Mail.


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