Pauline Koinis

Medical Intuitive


Pauline is a positive and inspirational holistic healing expert with over 30 years experience. Her signature therapeutic massage focuses on relieving specific areas of tension, pain or imbalance in the muscular systems and opening and restoring your energetic body. Starting with reflexology of the feet, Pauline will “read” you from the inside out to gauge exactly what you will need in session. A variety of modalities are used-including myofacial release, trigger point therapy, cranial adjustment and deep tissue work-to melt contracted tissue, breakup adhesions, and improve blood flow. Her work is designed to restore optimal function to muscles and joints focusing specifically on each person’s individual needs.

Pauline is licensed with the Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy, in conjunction with the University of Pune’ India in Ayurvedic Massage, certified reflexologist, registered Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach, Reiki I&II practitioner, Astrology counselor, Quantum healer and most importantly, mother of three.


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