Pauline Koinis

Senior Therapist & Yogini • Intuitive Shamanic Healer Medical Massage • Neural Reset Therapy

Pauline is a positive and inspirational holistic healing expert with over 30 years experience. Her signature therapeutic massage focuses on relieving specific areas of tension, pain or imbalance in the muscular systems and opening and restoring your energetic body. Starting with reflexology of the feet, Pauline will “read” you from the inside out to gauge exactly what you will need in session. A variety of modalities are used-including myofacial release, trigger point therapy, cranial adjustment and deep tissue work-to melt contracted tissue, breakup adhesions, and improve blood flow. Her work is designed to restore optimal function to muscles and joints focusing specifically on each person’s individual needs.

Pauline is licensed with the Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy, in conjunction with the University of Pune’ India in Ayurvedic Massage, certified reflexologist, registered Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach, Reiki I&II practitioner, Astrology counselor, Quantum healer and most importantly, mother of three.

  • Pauline Koinis - Valley Spirit Coop  

  • Pauline Koinis - Valley Spirit Coop

  • Pauline Koinis - Valley Spirit Coop


First, I want to thank Valley Spirit for all the wonderful work you have done to bring a special place for our community to go. The space is beautiful and we are very lucky to have you. I especially want to thank you for providing classes with Pauline. She is one of the best yoga teachers I have experienced. She truly understands the body and is so thoughtful with each student. The flow of her classes always feels challenging and done with great care. She is present in every way - through her movement, explanations and meditation. She balances her classes to give instruction and enough quiet to feel you can explore each exercise. I am truly appreciative of Pauline's gifts as a teacher and feel fortunate that she is in our community. Thank you!

- JoAnne Torti - Executive Director - ASAP

Pauline is a gifted yogini who brings her knowledge of yoga and other modalities onto the mat. She has helped me deepen my yoga practice and get in touch with my body. Pauline’s classes will challenge you physically, inspire you mentally and touch you spiritually.

- Alison Lundie

Pauline’s massage made a WORLD of difference for me. I have never had such a positive and all encompassing response to body work. Thank you Pauline!!!

- Laurel Fisher

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