Sachin Hazen

Sachin Hazen

Holistic Psychotherapy • Intuitive


Sachin Hazen, holistic psychotherapist and intuitive, graduated cum laude Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University and has been a practitioner in the holistic health field for over forty years. His strongest influences have been five years on the residential staff at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts and seven years in the healing energy of Maui.

He trained with and collaborated with prominent Kripalu-based somatic psychotherapists Douglas Brady and Cia Ricco and worked for eight years with psychoanalyst Richard C. Lewis, director of the Jungian Institute, NYC. He also trained at the Kushi Institute in Boston, the Body Electric School of Massage and Rebirthing in California, the Boston Institute for Social Therapy and Research, the Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute of NYC, and Kripalu Center in Massachusetts where he studied spiritual psychology and developed SpiritFire healing, a powerful modality combining breathwork with intuitive bodywork and energy work..

Sachin has practiced massage therapy in Boston, CT, NYC, and Maui. He has led weekly healing workshops and Spirit circles and taught shiatsu and natural foods cooking. He has also been trained in Iyengar, Kundalini, and Kripalu yoga, Embodyment (somatic psychotherapy), social therapy, oriental medicine, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, core and cellular transformation, and Reiki. He has been a software engineer/manager in high tech, a restaurant chef, and was founder and director of Keiki Ananda, a residential community/B&B in Hawai'i, where he maintains a tour guide business to sacred sites.

Sachin has had a psychotherapy practice in Connecticut and New York City since 2002. He incorporates hypnotherapy into his practice. He also offers intuitive readings, teaches meditation, and is legally authorized to perform marriages.



The moment that I would walk into my scheduled session with Sachin, I would feel a sense of peace. He radiates happiness, love and all things good. It’s in the air. When you start a session in that manner, things have a way of flowing and any issues that I came in with seemed inconsequential by the time I left. His wisdom and insight are unparalleled. This kind, gentle and knowing man has a gift.

~SG, Boston MA

Under the care of Sachin Hazen, I was able to open doors for my healing that had been previously inaccessible. In a re-birthing session, I experienced a cathartic breakdown of an emotional barrier that held me prisoner for so very long. I credit his expertise and insightful care as an essential component of this successful breakthrough.

~LC, Waterbury CT

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