What to Expect upon arrival

Upon arrival, all students are asked to come check in at the front desk. Wear comfortable and non-restricting clothing. Our movement studio has cubicles for you to store your personal belongings during class.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Let go of your daily stress, relax, and use your mind and movement to heal yourself. Come and learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong forms in a relaxed and beginner-friendly environment. We ask that our Tai Chi and Qi Gong students bring a comfortable pair of sneakers to wear once in the studio space.


Whether new to yoga, renewing your practice, or well versed, our teachers are prepared to instruct you at your individual skill level. We have yoga mats and blocks here at the studio but if you feel more comfortable with your own, feel free to bring along.


Come enjoy our peaceful and calming studio environment in a guided or open meditation. Meditation mats and cushions are provided but feel free to bring in your own if you prefer. If you find that you would like to “take your practice home”, we have meditation mats, cushions and incense available in our store.