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Classes at Valley Spirit go Virtual.Join us.


During this challenging time some of the teachers at Valley Spirit are sharing the love via virtual classrooms. Please call studio if u need guidance or support. See you on the mat! Stay tuned for virtual conversations and special events as well!! At this time feel free to register using  your class packs or you can just attend meeting with Zoom ID if time are tough. Go to and enter corresponding Class ID #.

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& Asian Healing Arts



& Energy Healing


Organic Facials

& Esthetic Arts


Wellness Center

Valley Spirit Cooperative & Wellness Center features 30 experienced practitioners and teachers. The center offers a wide variety of treatments including Acupuncture, Holistic Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Organic Facials, and Reflexology.


Valley Spirit's Studio offers a wide selection of classes with highly skilled and respected teachers. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, or someone recovering from physical injury, let us offer support to your individual practice. Come try us out.

The Valley Shoppe

Kristin, Beth and Julie have re-imagined the shop at Valley Spirit Wellness in an effort to sustain their three locally based businesses under one roof in this COVID-19 era. Their collective vision to further serve Litchfield County's community with floral offerings, naturalist esthetics, fine jewels and accessories exemplifies their commitment to Keep the Village Vibe Alive.

* Join them Fridays and Saturdays lOam-lpm for their open air sidewalk market in front of The Valley or during regular business hours.

The Village Vibe

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