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In the Spirit of the Valley

In All, Featured, Health & Wellness by Urgyan Zangpo

The notion of spirit often evokes curiosity, puzzlement, and disbelief. Maybe we don’t quite know what to make of spirit. We at Valley Spirit Co-op and Wellness Center accept responsibility for helping to clarify this situation. Our name “Valley Spirit” comes from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching ( The Book of the Way and Its Power of Manifestation ). Many …

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A interview with Kristin Kunhardt – The Inception

In All by indigoskyworld

Reprinted with permission from Unlocking Litchfield interview, May 2017 Was there a pivotal moment that you decided to open Valley Spirit or has it been on your mind for a long time? Lee Kancher and I were talking about finding a design studio space to share back in November 2015. We enjoyed working side by side and getting out of …