The time I spend at Valley Spirit is a true pleasure, even doing Suzette's last "pulses"! Thank you so much for being there and being such a welcoming, loving place. Marlene Smith
Theresa Bates Yoga classes are thoughtful, instructive and intuitive. She starts with an intention or thought for the day and flows into a beautiful meditative class of movement and yoga poses. Her joyful spirit and love for what she does is infectious. I look forward to her classes every week. Zemma Mastin White | ZemMaart.com
I am just getting home from ANOTHER amazing morning at Valley Spirit. I am really loving the yoga classes, and am just so thrilled to have such an amazing, truly-soul-satisfying place in the heart of Washington. It is just wonderful! So I just wanted to say thank you for that.Tal Fagin
First, I want to thank Valley Spirit for all the wonderful work you have done to bring a special place for our community to go. The space is beautiful and we are very lucky to have you. I especially want to thank you for providing classes with Pauline. She is one of the best yoga teachers I have experienced. She truly understands the body and is so thoughtful with each student. The flow of her classes always feels challenging and done with great care. She is present in every way - through her movement, explanations and meditation. She balances her classes to give instruction and enough quiet to feel you can explore each exercise. I am truly appreciative of Pauline's gifts as a teacher and feel fortunate that she is in our community. Thank you! JoAnne Torti
Pauline’s massage made a WORLD of difference for me. I have never had such a positive and all encompassing response to body work. Thank you Pauline!!! Laurel Fisher
Last year I was visiting Jampa for several health concerns. At the time, I had no issues with my gallbladder. Over a course of a few weeks, Jampa insisted my gallbladder was not well. He recommended I make an appointment with a visiting colleague to get a second opinion. I did, and was advised again that it was unwell. A week later I found myself at the local emergency room being told I needed to have my gallbladder removed immediately. If there had been any doubt about Jampa's insight, they disappeared and I continue to visit as often as I can. Jampa is also a lovely, gentle man that will put you at ease the moment you walk into the centre. K. Harley
I have always wanted to have the flow and rhythm of those practicing Tai Chi. Jampa’s classes taught more than just the moves to this highly intricate and health benefiting form. He shares over 40 years of his knowledge and experience with Tai Chi, Chinese medicine and the martial arts. Moving meditation, Tai Chi is an amazing way to tap into your inner self and calm. It is something I will continue to practice in my life. Alison Lundie
I’m so grateful for Valley Spirit, the owner and the staff are incredibly kind and welcoming to all levels of experience. I’m new to yoga, I’ve only taken a couple of beginner series which left me wanting more but also very intimidated. When I moved back to the area I was in search of a yoga studio that offered a welcoming atmosphere to ease my insecurities. I was recommended by a friend to consider Valley Spirit. After searching through their site, I felt an immediate connection. The services they offer focus on healing, self-improvement, encouragement, a place to recharge and much more. The moment I walked into their shop I was greeted by the owner, Kristin. She gave me a tour through their studio which made me feel right at home. She was incredibly kind and genuinely cared about my goals towards yoga. Kristin informed me of all classes available, they have much more than yoga and all services cater from beginners to advanced. My first yoga class was with Lela Ilyinsky, I told her I was very new to yoga with just a beginner series under my belt and she assured me that I would be just fine. Her class was INCREDIBLE! Her knowledge and passion for yoga coupled with her desire to bring peace and harmony to the lives of her students really showed. Lela’s class brought me a sense of strength and flexibility, not just for my body but also for my mind. She kept the class challenging enough for all students with the ability for me to keep up. Thank you to everyone I've met thus far at Valley Spirit, I can't wait to attend more classes and meet more people! Deanna Hayghe
Tal is a grounded, clear and insightful coach. She has helped me address significant life challenges by inviting courage and awareness to join the conversation so they can inspire transformation. If you are ready to move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns, you are ready to talk to Tal! Jennifer M.